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March 26th, 2013, 07:44 AM
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Awe those names are so cute!!!! Liam is just one of those names where you just know he is going to do something big in life!!! Evangeline so cute...when I think of it I wish I could say it like they do in Nanny McPhee with that accent . Ava I have loved for some time now but Lauryn I thought about a few months ago because my mom's name is Laura and she is so near and dear to my heart and my DD so I know she will be with this one so I figured Lauryn is close to Laura and she likes it so it works I totally understand being at that age where you are happy with the children you have and just want to love on them and raise them, I am 32 so I am right there with you with that thinking...I want to put some focus back on my career as well before we know it 10 years will be gone!

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