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March 26th, 2013, 07:47 AM
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I dont post a lot on here, but love reading everyone updates etc. I have posted before ,stating how I was dissapointed with my maternity doctor. Everyone encouraged me to change, but I had severe anxiety about doing it. After forgetting to book 2 ultrasounds ( i still dont have one booked for my anatomy scan), not bothering to check for gest diabetes even though I have had it previously, Not asnwering me when I ask him simple questions, and the fact that he uses a ancient dopplar, I snapped.
The last appointment which was over a week ago, he couldnt here the heartbeat after 10 minutes because the battery was dying on it. Seriously??? also told me i would hear from them in 3 days with an ultrasound apt....still havent heard.
Got in with a new maternity group, who where a dream. they where shocked nothing was done. I was so happy to finally be getting the care I need. Ty u ladies for encouraging me to do it.
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