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March 26th, 2013, 10:04 AM
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20 Facts about myself.... hmmmmm.....

1.My middle name is Marie
2. I have 2 daughters Hannah & Sophia
3. I’m married to a wonderful hubby
4. My favorite holiday is Christmas, because I can dote on others and they can’t refuse.
5. I have applied for FAFSA, and am currently applying to different universities for this fall
6. I have a fear of public speak, yet want to teach.
7. My mom is one of my best friends.
8. I hate money, and what it can do to people.
9. I swear that God paints sunsets just for me.
10. I was in labor with Hannah for 36.5 hours
11. Both of my daughters were born emergency c-section because my health quickly deteriorated
12. I love music, it speaks to my soul.
13. I love the sound and smell of rain.
14. My idol is my mom, she went to work fulltime, school full time, and raised 5 kids on her own until she met my dad.
15. I love the smell of a roasting fire on a cold winter night.
16. I have 3 tattoos and want to get a couple more that I have already planned.
17. Sarcasm is just another service that I offer.
18. I am extremely afraid of someone breaking into my house at night while I’m sleeping.
19. I am terribly afraid that I will wake up one day and Hannah’s condition will be malignant.
20. I’m a cheap date… one glass of wine and I become tipsy and easy

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