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March 26th, 2013, 11:00 AM
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I don't believe it. Blood type cannot distinguish a global bloodline heritage that dictates diet. Humans are a species and species dictates diet. It would be like saying black cats should eat fish and white cats should eat chicken. Individual or subgroup tolerances are determined by environment and genealogy. In the chart almost all the 'rules' are commonly known for everyone (such as cabbage family foods suppress thyroid function, as they contain the chemical goitrogen, from which the word goiter is derived). I think they pick and choose to give credence to what lines to follow to validate the data but overall rules that could fit any/everyone.

I also disagree that it dismisses positive and negative blood types. Negative blood types do not contain the rhesus monkey gene - which would mean that the 2 blood lines have completely different origins (very widely disputed, it's unknown why this "mutation" occurred and why people with a negative blood type will try to reject a baby of positive blood type if the partner is positive.). Personally I feel like the RhoGam shot is more likely to be the trigger of thyroid disfunction, not eating too many cruciferous vegetables.

"Another claim the blood type diet makes is that lectins from specific foods only cause agglutination of specific blood types. Research seems to show the opposite. Very few plant foods contain lectins that react with specific blood types. Likewise, lectins are in virtually every food human beings eat – plants, animals, grains, nuts – so avoiding them is nearly impossible unless you eat a grossly restrictive diet. Humans have been eating lectin-containing foods since the beginning, yet many of the health issues of civilization (diabetes, metabolic syndrome, etc.) have only come about in relatively recent human history." 1

I don't think there is enough real research done to give it worth changing my diet for. My diet works around the medical issues I have (which I may be more prone to due to blood type, like gout and high blood pressure). It would make more sense to me if all individuals with the same blood type suffered all from the same medical disorders, had all the same nutritional needs, had all the same vaccinations, and they took the same medications and shared the same lifestyle habits.

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