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March 26th, 2013, 12:06 PM
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Hello ladies!

My name is Vicky, I am 23 and my husband is 31. We have been married since July 2012 (9 months) and together for 5 years. Hubby is English, I am Greek and we live in England. We met when I was 15 in Corfu as my grandparents are from there and used to take me every summer and he used to holiday there with his mates and we were just friends. We stayed in touch for years but could never meet as I was young and had school etc so after a while we stopped talking. 3 years later when I was 18 and had finished school, I decided to visit England, for holiday and at that point he decided o suddenly call me again after a very long time, it was very random. I told him I was coming over and he came to meet me and pick me up. We ran into each other's arms and have been together ever since. We spent over a year with Andrew (hubby) flying to Greece every other weekend and me working hard to help him pay some flights. Then, over a year later, Andrew asked my dad for my hand in marriage and he surprised me with an engagement ring and a proposal. At that point I packed my things and moved to England and we have been living together since then. We planned our wedding for 2012 as we needed money to get our own house, I needed a driving licence, a car, a job etc. When that was sorted, we started putting money aside for the wedding which happened yaaay on time, in Greece where we met, on the exact day we met 7/7.

I really didn't want a baby and they used to really freak me out until recently. All of a sudden for no reason I started loving them and get all excited every time I see one, I just want to have them for myself lol. End of January, I had to come off the pill half way though the month cause it started making me sick for some crazy reason that no one knows. It never did! Because of that, and circumstances we thought I had got pregnant and I just loved the idea! Andrew wanted one as soon as we got married, but I was saying no. The thought that I was pregnant though made me so happy and so protective and I just loved the whole thing and the thought of having a baby. And looking at Andrew I now find it sooo sweet cause he would make a wonderful daddy, he would be the best! We both got soooo disappointed when AF came. So that was the point we started trying. Beginning of Feb. It has only been nearly 2 months but now I just really want one and got really upset, I was even crying (I know pathetic well I cry lol) when I got a bfn the last 2 times! They say third time lucky lol.

We love animals, we have a dog Bruno, 2 cats Wesley and Lola and a hamster Flash. They are all our babies and we couldn't live without them.

We enjoy travelling! We love visiting other countries and we have been so far and we want to take our baby/kid on holiday in different places every year and have amazing family holidays.

We are Christians (orthodox), I have been baptised in Greece and Andrew was baptised in the local christian orthodox church here in England and we do attend church on sundays. We visit Greece often to see my family and we would like our baby, when we have it, to have a part of both caltures and appreciate both and speak both languages. It will be lovely when we all go to Greece for easter or we spend Christmas here all together as a family.

We are very social and like having people over the house. Most weekends we have guests over for dinner or we go over someone's house for dinner. We also love movies and cinema and comedy tv series. Personal favourites: Twilight, Lord of the rings, Spiderman, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Shrek, Madagascar, Ice Age, all Disney movies lol, How I met your mother, Big Bang Theory, Gavin and Stacey (british, absolutely love it), don't tell the bride and OUR WEDDING DVD LOL.

I play piano and guitar (studdied music in Greece for 10 years when I was little)and on our free time my husband and I record music together, he plays guitar and I play piano and sing etc. I also horse ride once a month and love it (which will have to stop for nine months if I get my bfp, but it is something I am prepared to give up). Celebrities: LOVE BON JOVI and Johny Depp.

I work part time in Currys (electrical store) but I was just offered a full time contract starting in April which I taking. I want to gather as much money as possible for when we have a little one :-). Andrew is the training manager in Dixons head office (largest company of electrical retail in Europe). He has been employed with Dixons for 15 years, started as a warehouse boy in the store and now is a head office manager. I am sooo proud of him :-).

One last thing, I love games and girly things. When we see our nieces I just sit down and play barbies with them hahaha so if we have a little girl then I found my new best friend hahahaha. So here is my essay, I think I covered everything. Fingers crossed for anyone who wants a baby! Good luck. Dying to test soon!
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