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March 26th, 2013, 12:18 PM
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#1: DH and my mom
#2: DH, my mom, and a doula

I have found the person I need during labor is my mother. She is a great labor support and did way more for me than DH or the doula. We have opted out of a doula this time and my mom will be my main support. DH is just too freaked out for him to be useful in labor/delivery. I have also considered my aunt being present this time. She has two sons whose wives want nothing to do with her in the room (I understand, my MIL would be in my labor room over my dead body!) and I am close to her. I know it's something she wants to experience. So if it works out, she might be there too. She is supportive of my choices, so I am not worried about her being there.
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