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March 26th, 2013, 12:23 PM
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Hey ladies! So often do they get left out of the TTC picture I figured I would share a short story about my DH from yesterday.

We were out car shopping because Joe is getting nervous about not having room in his truck to put a carseat He drives an F250 super duty that only has the regular cab on it. Absolutely no room for anyone but a passenger. So we get to the dealership and were looking at trucks and SUVs. The salesman comes up, introduces himself to us and asks Joe what he is looking for in his next vehicle. Joe stands there so smuggly, smirks at me and says " Well sir you see we are working on building our little family and I need to be able to fit a couple of carseats in the back." I literally almost cried! I couldn't have imagined loving him anymore than I already do but at that moment I realized I did.

Love my DH so much!

Anyone else have experiences with their DH's like this?

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