Topic: DH's and TTC!
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March 26th, 2013, 12:37 PM
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It's so important to have a supportive DH!

I guess this is a good spot to share my DH story from last night. I was lurking on the TTC board, and a woman there took an OPK several days post O and got a super positive and was wondering if that could indicate a positive pregnancy (to which everyone said to go get a HPT!!!). DH asked why that would even work, so I was telling him about LH. He's like "OH! LH... Little Human. That makes sense. It's the hormone that starts the little human baking inside."

Of course I knew he was being silly, but it was so darn cute! I just love how interested he is in the whole process and will do whatever he can to make me laugh and not stress.

Everytime we go visit our 4 god kids or play with the baby chicks, he just gets so paternal, and it's adorable. I just love him.
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