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March 26th, 2013, 12:47 PM
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Most of us who decide to home birth have done extensive research on the subject.

With my number 2 baby I had more bleeding than I normally do. My midwives (there were two of them on hand) had medicines, tinctures, and the experience to determine how bad-off I was. They spent quite a bit of time with me to make sure all was well and were prepared to transport asap, if needed.
A lot of midwives also carry oxygen and other tools that may be needed in an emergency.

The midwives I've had (and I've had a couple of different ones over the years) have also been well trained to deal with the baby's needs.
For example, I had a friend who's baby was born at home and had swallowed meconium. The midwife (who I later used) was able to help wonderfully with that situation and the baby never needed to go to the hospital.

I think it comes down to learning all you can about your midwife, even down to getting references.
Personally, I am more comfortable with my midwife and her knowledge then I would be with a doctor who, more than likely, resorts to pitocin and c-sections at the drop of a hat.

I would encourage you, Bubba, to do some research on the subject of home birthing. There are a lot of scare tactics out there. Of course, we need to be safe with this, but for a low-risk pregnancy home birth is actually very safe.
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