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March 26th, 2013, 01:10 PM
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I agree with it being ok, even if you are. However, in answer to your question, Yes! I do think an hpt will work at 3 weeks 6 days. Actually, I was wondering why you were going to wait so long to take one. I know in another post you said you wanted a good dark line, but by 4/6 I think you'll be enough dpo to get an answer one way or another. I don't remember exactly how many dpo you are today, but I'm certain you could start testing with pretty accurate results by the beginning to middle of next week.

Can't wait to start seeing tests from you!

Additional note- while I say dental work should be ok, I mean like a routine cleaning or maybe cavity, but more than that, I would error on the side of caution. My dentist doesn't like to do much during pg, besides a cleaning, in the first half of pregnancy at the very least.

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