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March 26th, 2013, 02:10 PM
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It's okay! Hopefully you got a lot of positive things done Sounds like you have, and like you're nesting a little! I have the nesting urge but nothing to nest with . . . YET. You must get sick of me whining about this, but I still haven't gotten my advance I did, however, get a paid editing gig, so I'm up about $300 right now plus royalties come in April 1st, so I'll have some money to spend! I think you can relate to being "stuck" though, since you have to wait 2 months to set up the nursery. I have to wait to order things and wait for my husband to fix up the girl's room (paint, windows, etc) so I can put up the decals and decorations.

Yay for doing something nice for yourself, too! I hope all your appointments go well! So glad you are set with all your baby needs, now! I can't wait to have everything

Daughter's gym thing is thursday. We'll see how it goes. Is it bad that part of me hopes the new gym won't move her up? Because if they don't move her up, there's no point in us switching gyms! and she gets to continue to get high scores and keep things easy. But, it's about her, not me, so I hope she gets moved up.

I got some diapers in the mail today. I want to order a diaper caddy later this week, too. Looks like this:

It would be for that day's diapers. The rest would be in other bins that I still need to buy. Still have to find the perfect one, too. What have you been doing now that you aren't working?
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