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March 26th, 2013, 02:55 PM
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As with any decision you make, having an abortion will lead you to asking "what if?" kinds of questions. So will having a child. I've known many people who have had abortions (some have had several) and none of them have "suffered emotionally" from it-- they all viewed it as the best decision they could make for the circumstances and don't wish they could do it any differently (except maybe not get pregnant to begin with). It was their choice to make, just like this is yours; don't let yourself be guilt tripped into going against your instinct-- and I mean that for any decision you choose to make.

You're an adult. You being pregnant is very unlikely to disappoint your parents. Surprise, maybe. By in large, parents love their children and support them. It will help if you have made a decision by the time you talk to them (and, frankly, and abortion isn't really their business, so if that's the path you choose you don't need to talk with them about it at all). On the other hand, if you're close with your mother and value her input, don't be afraid to talk with her about this.

Based on the information in your post, having this child wouldn't be the worst thing (supportive BF, decent income, stable housing situation), and it seems to me like that's what you're leaning toward anyway. Do you have any friends you can trust to talk to about this? There are also counselors you can talk to... it sounds like you're in Canada, which I think has Planned Parenthood (Or, rather, the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health). You can find people there to talk to who will be supportive and informative, but won't pressure you one way or another.

And remember, while you're young and feel unprepared, there is no "perfect" time to bring a child into the world. Good luck and feel free to PM me if you'd like someone to talk to.
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