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March 26th, 2013, 03:33 PM
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She emailed me back. Her response was:

"It does sound like we need to reevaluate the whole situation."
She's going to call me tomorrow afternoon to discuss.

It's annoying how she never gives any real answers in email. Must be a liability thing or something. But she's the one who told me to email her at least once a month to keep her updated.

If there is one thing that I learned from my miscarriages, it's you need to research, push, and advocate for yourself... I wish I didn't have to though. I'm not a fan of being pushy. But it seems like unless I bring it up, the REs are content to just let things happen since I am on the younger side of the patients they see (I'm 30). Only reason I ever got Clomid and Femara is because I asked!

I hope we reach an agreeable solution tomorrow.

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