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March 26th, 2013, 08:04 PM
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Steph wrote:

ETA: Ok. so it wasnt a study.. it was just information given by Oregon on their homebirth statistics. This article explains why the deaths had nothing to do with the place of birth.
You're partly correct, wasn't a study published in a peer-reviewed journal, it was indeed preliminary data published by the state of Oregon.

You're partly incorrect in stating that the article you posted (dated May, 2012) was intended to dispute the preliminary data (made available March, 2013).

The preliminary data was published as Preliminary Data on Oregon Birth Outcomes, by Planned Birth Place and Attendant Pursuant to: HB 2380 (2011) (HB 2380 was the one that mandated that planned birth place be recorded on birth certificates). The link I posted above is the testimony that Judith Rooks (who describes herself as "certified nurse-midwife, a past-president of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, and a CDC-trained epidemiologist") gave before the Oregon State legislature, regarding her analysis of the preliminary data.

Additional discussion of this preliminary report can be found at this link on the Oregon Midwifery council's website
and additional discussion specific to Ms. Rooks testimony can be found at The article in the second link is followed up by a discussion by an independant analysis of the same report. Both of these sources describe the in-hospital perinatal death rate as around 2.1 per thousand, which is higher than described in Ms. Rooks testimony, but neither dispute the death rates she states for out-of-hospital births. So basically, best case scenario is that out-of-hospital death rates are twice as high as in-hospital death rates, worse case scenario they are 6-8 times higher.

I intend to request a copy of the "Preliminary Data on Oregon Birth Outcomes, by Planned Birth Place and Attendant Pursuant to: HB 2380 (2011) and crunch the numbers myself; I'll share it with anyone that wants to see it if I can get my hands on it.