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March 26th, 2013, 08:28 PM
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It's been awhile for me as well. Life got crazy and my 5 yo dropped my laptop and broke the part where you charge it up. Sooo, I've been using DH's computer, and it's hard to remember to check in when I don't have a shortcut on the home page Abigail (who will be 7 months next week) has FINALLY started bulking up a bit. She was only in the 5% at 4 months but unfortunately my milk completely dried up (I still was pumping several times a day and only getting 1/2 oz a DAY) and I did that for a month straight before I finally gave in and went 100% formula. By 6 months she weighed in at 16lb and 12 oz which was 65% She is in 6-9 month clothes or some 12 months because she is also 90% for height. She is the HAPPIEST baby EVER! We got her ears pierced a few weeks ago and she barely cried at all. She has decided that she is not a fan of food but LOVES her bottle - which she can now pick up and put in her mouth on her own. The stinker still hates tummy time and still will NOT roll over...either direction. When she is on her back she is happy and content when she is on her belly she just gets mad and puts her face down on the floor. She will sit on her changing table mat (because it is soft and cusiony) but she hasn't gotten the hang of it on the wood floors yet. I'm convinced this child is going to walk before she does all that other stuff. She can fully support her body weight just by holding my fingers for balance! She still LOVES her blankets and pulls it up over her face every chance she gets when she is sleepy. Oh yeah, and ALL of Abigails hair has fallen out except for one strip right down the middle of the top of her head (serious mohawk going on there ) It is just starting to come back in and it is bright orange in the sun. Looks like we will have our brunette, blonde, and redhead LOL I'm going to try to add a pic of her the day we got her ears pierced...and I'm going to try not to disappear again
Sorry for the quality these were off of my iPod:

One from a few days ago.

The day she got her ears pierced:


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