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March 26th, 2013, 08:43 PM
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It seems as though plenty of links and information have been posted (let me add too because I love them) so I'll just put my personal experience up...

This will be my first homebirth. There were oodles of interventions with my oldest and I almost ended up with a c-section, despite being a perfectly healthy mom and baby with a perfectly normal pregnancy. Epidural led to inability to push which lead to forceps.

My midwife is a CPM. She attended a three year program at a midwifery school. She is certified through NARM. She has been attending births for 11 years and I am in a FB group with 167 other "customers" of hers who have been thrilled with their births. A few have ended with c-sections but all are very happy. I am so, SO confident in her intuition and abilities at a midwife. We actually just got through discussing congenital heart defects and she explained that she has known within moments if babies have had it, even though only 4 of her babies have. She is very in-tune with moms and their babies and I have never been more confident in a medical provider in my life. I know that if she senses or sees any problems at all that put my baby or I at risk, she will absolutely positively not hesitate to send us where further care may be needed. I am excited for the birth of my baby and I am confident that we will be in great hands, no matter what!!

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