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March 26th, 2013, 09:11 PM
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If you were raised with a different belief system what was something that scared you about its teachings? Do you have the same fear now that you know is it still buried deep within you somewhere or are you over it? I guess being raised in a Christian household, for me it was something about God being vengeful. Also the whole thing about "if you don't believe in me you're going to hell", you know the fire and brimstone crap. I don't have any fear of that stuff now but that's a major reason why Christianity isn't for me.

Does something about your current beliefs spook you but not to the point that you would leave it or have you found total peace within your path now? I'm very comfortable where I am right now. I'm really at peace with the path I'm walking.

And for the heck of it...what spiritual person/leader out there spooks the crud outta you and why? Jeffs and The Phelps group scare me but more than that, the people who have closed minds about others scare me the most.
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