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March 26th, 2013, 10:18 PM
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Guess who told me tonight he's 99% sure he's coming home Friday for the weekend.

He missed Ovulation by a week, but he felt bad we couldn't come down there and see him... so he's gonna do the leg work for once! This also means I don't have to drive down next weekend when AF is due, instead I can go down for a weekend in April. Nola will come with me.

DH found out when his job is over, he most likely will not be laid off, as there are other parts of the job that were scheduled to take longer (his was for 7 weeks, there are some parts that are 9-10 weeks), and since he's always game to stay, they will probably use him. So I'm going to aim to go down the weekend of April 19th. I do plan on taking Reme with, if possible... but we drug him to sleep

Now... cross your fingers, legs, pray, do voodoo.. don't care whatcha do...... hope that my AF shows up a day or two late this cycle (since I'm pretty sure I just O'd...)... and that my O happens while or after I'm down there.. since I'm going to be calling tomorrow to book my OB appointments, I SHOULD have my thyroid Rx by then, which might have us a chance at actually conceiving and staying pregnant!
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