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March 27th, 2013, 07:03 AM
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Originally Posted by cutenurse24 View Post
I love the pics!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Pic of your favorite outfit to wear around the house

Pic of your favorite outfit to wear on a night out with DH

Place you would love to visit??

Favorite meal and dessert??
I love, love, love this shirt my sister got me. I wear it all the time at home with sweatpants or jammie bottoms.

DH and I don't really go out much and when we do it's pretty low key. I do really, however, like this dress I bought to wear when we went to Mexico. I'm hoping to bust it out this summer sometime for a date night.

I LOVE to travel. I want to go everywhere, but if I had to choose a place to visit first, it would be New Zealand.

My favorite meal is Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese. Really, anything buffalo chicken is amazing. My favorite dessert is this chocolate peanut butter refrigerator dessert.

Originally Posted by Gamer_Princess View Post
A picture of your dream nursery
TTC stash
Dream nursery. I really want a girl next time, and I love a pink and grey color scheme

TTC stash. It's not much. The tests are leftovers from last cycle and I found the opks on sale

Originally Posted by blakesgirl09 View Post
A pic of your cell phone
Pic that represents a hidden talent.

And your boys are absolutely beautiful!!!
Cell phone. Nothing fancy

Hidden talent. I knit Here's a few pics of stuff I've knitted


Newborn hat for a friends baby

KNitted and felted slippers for myself
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