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March 27th, 2013, 07:08 AM
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Thanks for all of that, Brie. Any researcher worth their salt notes the source and the purpose behind the study (or non-study, in this case) as well as how big of a picture it really covers and how much additional information is included.

I meant to add last night, too - as we have several Canadian mommies in the DDC (including myself although I have been living in the US for a couple of years now) the information shared regarding Canadian birthing practices is absolutely relevant.

And I do consider digging up one non-study full of partial information that half supports your position (I still wouldn't say it fully does because of the lack of information regarding the fatalities) and making an exaggerated, misleading claim about NARM and sharing the personal blog of one doula to be uneducated. You've ignored the rebuttals to your arguments almost entirely. The only reason I'm still responding is that I would hate for someone else to stumble across this thread and see all of those inaccuracies unchallenged and believe them to be true. This feels less like a debate and more like you're looking for a platform to disparage he birth choices of women you have never met (and yes, flatly saying "It's not as safe as hospital birth" without real evidence or exception or that all CPMs are uneducated nitwits who are a danger to babies absolutely IS criticizing the choices others are making or have made as well as those mothers' ability to determine whether or not they have done any research or spoken extensively with their midwife prior to agreeing to use their services) and I really don't like that.

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