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March 27th, 2013, 08:06 AM
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Originally Posted by ahijesus View Post
Dear ladies,
I guess I am the first one to respond the other way, since you asked for honest opinion; I am here to explain why I believe gay marriage should be illegal. I am not going to judge anyone, but if someone ask me to explain why I believe, what I believe, I guess I should explain my side, right?
Yes I have command to love everyone as a Christian, and I honestly try to do that (I fail sometime as a human), believe me I love my gay and lesbian friends. However I am totally against them getting married. Many of you asked, why people could be against some innocent loving people getting into marriage, well the reason is because marriage is defined by God, and the founders of this country as “a covenant between one man and one woman”, and there is a strong reason behind it. however if you choose not to believe this, than there is nothing wrong in gay marriage, but there are people who believe that marriage is a covenant meant for life, and it has many rules and regulations.
There are people who believe in something called open marriage, and they have a reason to say why they believe it, but may be most of us won’t agree for that, because we think marriage is between only two people. In the same way ,we believe marriage is suppose to be between a man and a women, That is why I think gay marriage should not be legalized.
Also there are many many research coming that is explaining the link between homosexual relationship and AIDS, sexually transmitted disease, drug dependency, mental illness, what not( I am in no way saying all the gay couple are prone for this) but we all agree with the ratio right?
Now if you want me to explain more, I can but I guess I proved my point, but please don’t mistaken me by thinking, I hate gay people, I don’t, but I don’t approve their actions, One other person asked shouldn’t we love them, is that not what Jesus told us, yes Jesus did say love everyone, but He never said affirm every behavior. Simply we love sinners but hate sin (I know I am a sinner too).
Thank you all for letting me explain my side of the argument, and I am open for comments and criticism, but pls don’t curse. Thanks again.
If you feel that way, then YOU should not marry someone of the same sex. That still has nothing to do with someone ELSE'S right to follow THEIR beliefs (religious or otherwise) that they believe do allow them to marry someone of the same sex. Fortunately, inequality can be fixed. Unfortunately, ignorance often cannot be.

As for the link between some things and homosexuality, you have to understand that correlation does not equal causation. For example, there is a link between lower IQs and Christians. (Average IQ of a Christian- 98; Average IQ of a Buddhist, 108; Average IQ of a Jew, 115; Average IQ of an Atheist, 119) But does that mean being a Christian makes people less intelligent? No. Does it mean that if we had less Christians in this country, our country would have a higher IQ? No. And by the same token, stopping people from being gay would not lower mental illness or STDS, etc.

But if you cannot understand that correlation does not equal causation, then perhaps it makes sense that you are incapable of understanding why the Bible does not condemn gays and why there is no reason two people of the same sex cannot have a marriage covenant under God--or under the State! (which has nothing to do with your religion OR your interpretation of your religion!)

Really, the only thing lacking in your argument is understanding of religion, understand of human rights and how they have nothing to do with your religion, and understanding of medical science. Take away your lack of understanding, and you would either see things different or simply be driven by hate to the same conclusions. Since you claim you are not driven by hate (and I believe you) I just chalk this up to an inability to comprehend.

And just as I protect a gay's right to marriage, I protect your right to speak freely about things you clearly do not comprehend.

Originally Posted by c'est_la_vie View Post
All though the founders of this country may have come her for religious freedom, they did however put together a set of rules, laws & so forth to protect the state from the church. Marriage, in the eyes of the court, is a legal matter, not religious. We are talking about "in the eyes of the state", not the eyes of a person who may or may not exist.

So lets just nullify all the marriages of infertile couples as well, right?

The link is lack of condoms, knowledge, & sharing dirty needles. All of those things do not discriminate based on sexual preference. I personally know more straight people with HIV than gay.

Actually you have proven nothing, I see no links to valid, non religious information supporting anything you've said. If you want me to believe a man in the sky who has no proven existence is the end all be all in the decisions of marriage, than you need to get to work on proving that.

And with saying that, I couldn't care less what religious views people have, AT ALL. I believe all people are allowed to do as they choose as long as the harm on the planet & other beings is minimal.

Two men or two women married has no effect on YOUR religious relationship to your God, at all. Pray for them if you wish, but don't repress them with non religious laws.

And ditto to all this, too!
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