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March 27th, 2013, 08:28 AM
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Exclusively pumping here too. I have issues with my milk not coming out (twisted ducts etc.) so I have to really massage and compress with the pump to get it out. I tried breastfeeding both of my daughters, but poor babies just couldn't get anything out and I would have to pump after words anyways. I made it to almost a year with my first and my second daughter is almost 5 months old and I'm still going strong. I feel like all I do is pump to. I'm down to 3-4 sessions a day, but I was doing around 6 at first. I really need to get 4 in to be comfortable, but between work, 2 kids, commuting etc., it just doesn't always happen. It also takes me a good hour in the morning to get all the milk out so that's a huge time waster when I'm trying to get ready for work.

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