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March 27th, 2013, 08:59 AM
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Sometimes it is surprising to me how we keep having battles over human rights and equality. Like, as a whole, we don't learn the bigger message the first time.

We've been through religious rights. We've been through women's rights and ethnic rights and so on. Sure, some people stubbornly cling to their prejudice and ignorance, but as a society we've moved past these things because those people DESERVED equal rights--HUMAN rights. And now the LGBT community has to fight for the rights as well. To be honest, it's quite aggravating to me that this would even need to be discussed! Haven't we, as a whole, learned what equal human rights means? Do we really have to keep explaining what HUMAN is to people? I do think eventually--hopefully soon--the LGBT community will get the equal rights they deserve.

After that, I wonder if there will be more progress made for children's rights. I'm not saying a 6 year old should be allowed to vote, BUT I do think that children should have the same basic HUMAN rights. Currently, they do not; there are so many exceptions to the laws when it comes with kids, as though their status in this society is "property" before "human". For example, it is a crime to hit another person (unless they consent, such as in sports of sexual preference) but not a crime to hit a child. The exception can't come from them being "related" because I know it wouldn't be legal to smack my grandmother (nor would I want to). It's acceptable only because the child is not an adult, and somehow that excludes them from a protection that is granted to those that are bigger and stronger than they are. Even more upsetting is how many states still allow corporal punishments in schools; there are even private schools you cannot send your child to UNLESS you agree to letting them use CP on your children. How is this legal?

Often, those who are for disregarding the rights of others hide behind their religious freedom. I see it with children OFTEN, where people say they have the right to raise their children according to their religious beliefs, which in their case just so happens to include obeying their god by hitting their child. AND you see the same attitudes toward gays, and in the past, toward women and different ethic groups. These attitudes still exist today, but at least in some cases society does not condone nor allow it. The problem I have with using religion as an excuse for how you treat someone else is it would be a slippery slope. I think most people would agree that you can't kill someone just because you think your religion said you could. Likewise, you can't use your religion as an excuse to hit another adult.

My "rule" for determining rights, while perhaps not perfect, is that one person's rights end where another begins. In other words, you can do whatever you want with your life so long as you are not hurting the rights of someone else in the process. You are free to go to church, because that does affect me directly (or at all really lol) but you cannot spray me in the face with holy water pepper spray because you think god told you to. You do not have to attend a gay marriage or marry someone of the same sex, but you can't use your religion to stop someone else from marrying someone of the same sex. And so on. You can't say, "it's my right to hit my child" because your child is human and has the right not to be hit, so your perceived "right" to do something would directly conflict with someone else's basic human rights. That's where the line is. And if you think about it, you can live a really free life without

What do you think? Is it infringing on someone's right to stop them from infringing on someone else's rights? Or is it overstepping your bounds to claim your "rights" give you the right to prevent someone else from accessing their rights?
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