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March 27th, 2013, 09:01 AM
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Saw my dr last night. Everything is good baby was resting so hr 137 my weight only 81/2 lbs total at 19 weeks. Fundal height and blood pressure good.

Only confusing bit was when she read my quad screen results. My risk of downs is 1:12000. Awesome for my age. But my dr was very hesitant and was questioning if they factored everything in to get that result. She wrote a bunch of notes and is gettin it rechecked??? I am confused. Is that too good for my age for it to be correct? I turn 42 this week. My nt at 13w 3d was 2mm. Of course I didn't start really thinking on this til after I left so now I am getting myself all worried. And this also caused her to get distracted so she told me I need iron pills but forgot to say how much to take. Hopefully it's in my chart. I will call this morning.

I hate worrying and now I won't see her for 4 weeks so I won't get any answers. So frustrated!! Especially since I should be happy and relieved. What do you ladies think? Am I getting worked up for nothing? Or should I be worried??
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