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March 27th, 2013, 09:29 AM
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Had a good weekend. Got some cleaning done I wanted to. had a girls night in just catching up. Went grocery shopping with the man and bought a new grill. Our old one took a crap. Been very busy at work and home this past week. Had a nice night whith the man last night wink wink LOL. Been real busy at work, our summer crew returned Monday so keeping them all on the go LOL.

Looking forward to this weekend and relaxing some and not planning much at all!! There a few things I want to clean out in my being my big junk drawer and the other being my Glasses cabinet. Time to get rid of some margarita glasses and etc. to make room for bottles and such.

Ugh snow suck I feel you, ours is finally started to melt yay!! And none in the forecast.
Ha i suppose no the boys didn't want to get rid of the toys LOl. Well I hope you find a solution and tghe babys room comes along or you. I am sure you well. Heck you only have about 10 weeks left woman, WOW !! So quick right!!

I go back April 15th I think it is. I'll be just over 29 weeks then. Then she wants me to come every 2 weeks. That will be a lot of appointments eekk. that's nice that you may get to wait til 34 weeks

everything is going good but I do worry some...there doesn't really seem to be an increase in movement. I don't even think I have felt him at all today. i am going to call ealry next week if this does not pick up. It seems like there is less movement. And i have never actually felt a "kick" just movement.
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