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March 27th, 2013, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by irishblessing View Post
Hmm, yes and no. I don't expect Dominic to help dress himself. If he's not running away from me screaming and kicking I consider myself lucky He does try to help with some aspects (getting shoes on is his favorite, and does put his arm into his coat usually, but the main dressing part he is not into (shirt, diaper, pants, socks etc) and I always make a big deal about it when he is helpful! So you can try a lot of praise/clapping etc when she does help (if you haven't tried that already)

I think honestly it depends on the kid, the situation, and how their behavior is in response to you. For Dominic, I can see the devious look, the smirk, and other behaviors that let me know he is not listening just to challenge me. That isn't okay. I don't expect him to listen to me the first time all the time, I do give him a few warnings but after that he does get a short time out. I don't think your expectations with wanting her to listen to "Don't touch" are too high. That is a safety thing as well as a specific direction. I always thought NO is kind of vague and no wonder they don't always listen. I mean how many times a day to we say NO about well, next to everything lol. But Don't Touch is pretty specific. I find it's best to say their name (gets attention) and then give the direction. So, "Dominic" then wait till they are paying attention "Don't Touch" then you know they heard you... and they should be expected to listen within reason (in my opinion)

I don't really expect him to listen to directions to go get things. If she does fine, if not fine. They are coming up on 2/3 years too so I'm expecting all hell to break loose soon haha
Ditto!! I can tell when Kynslee is just too caught up or not really paying attention and when she is just doing something to try and get her way and be naughty. Like, when I ask her to come here and she looks at me and starts running away. She will usually get in trouble for that as we want her to learn to come here and also safety reasons (like sometimes she likes to run away and is running towards cars in the parking lot). If I feel like she honestly doesn't understand (and we can usually tell when that is) I don't expect much from her. BUT, when she gets an attitude or on purpose touches something, hits us, runs away, yells no at us, ect.... then we try and give her small punishments. We have recently taught her to say I'm sorry. So, if she throws a fit (at home or out) I pick her up and tell her what she did wrong and ask her to tell mommy/daddy your sorry. That has really helped recently. And, a while back we started telling her to say "bye bye" to things that she was touching that we didn't want her to touch. She learned pretty quickly and it was fun for her to wave at the item and tell it bye bye and she would usually leave it alone (though obviously they need to be reminded several times about telling it bye bye).
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