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March 27th, 2013, 12:26 PM
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Yes Jonah was scratching horribly!!! He had cradle cap and eczema. Someone on here gave me wonderful advice and it worked. I applied 1% hydrocortisone to his scalp after his bath and it never returned. I first washed his hair with Mustela foaming cradle cap shampoo. I used a wash cloth to get all the flakes and yellow stuff off. After he was all dry I applied the hydrocortisone to his scalp. The next day it was gone. I wash his hair everyday with the cradle cap shampoo. Now I just apply coconut oil to his scalp and I feel it's keeping the cradle cap away. His pediatrician prescribed Absorbase cream which I put on his eczema and it's completely gone. I sometimes put it on his scalp if I see a little flake as well.

***** forgot to add that use Dr Bronners Magic Soap for his bath and wash his clothes with it.

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