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March 27th, 2013, 01:35 PM
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it amazes me how much an 18 month old can destroy/get into/climb onto.....

I swear every time I turn my back Kynslee is into something else. Wither it the dvd cases and dvd's everywhere, or climbing on our bed and removing everything from our headboard or just plain making a mess she's quick!!

Just the other day I had the laptop on couch and got up to rinse the breakfast cereal bowls and came back less then 2 minutes and my computer screen wording and such was flipped sideways. It took me a while to finally figure how to get it back to normal after I googled it. You have to push 3 different buttons. It's amazing how fast a toddler can do things without ever meaning to. She's also before blocked things on my ph or created passwords for my phone and I still have yet to figure out how to get to one screen on my phone.
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