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March 27th, 2013, 02:01 PM
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In January my pap came back abnormal. they ended up doing a colposcopy and I have low risk hpv. I wasn't looking to get pregnant right now, for various reasons, but one of them was because I wanted to make sure my body was ok. And I took a test on sunday and there were 2 frightening neon pink lines. Im not even sure when I concieved as I was on birth control (even though, i did miss a few here and there ) and my husband and I had sex maybe twice but we both forget and I can't remember my last period lol, so i'm a bit all over the place. but I am coming to terms with the little bugger and my husband is excited. But I am nervous about the hpv affecting the baby. Does anyone have any knowledge or first hand experience?
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