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March 27th, 2013, 02:03 PM
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I would DEFINITELY recommend some kind of hands-free pumping bra, especially if you're going to exclusively pump long term. It was a huge help to me. I got one from La Leche League...the only thing is you have to order a smaller size that what you normally wear, because they run big, and you want it to be snug to hold the breast shields in place. Double pumping is a HUGE time saver, and it also actually helps people pump more (can help with the let-down to double pump).

The other big time saver for me (though I wasn't exclusively pumping...but still pumped several times a day due to having to work): realizing that I could just put all the pump parts in a zip lock bag after a pumping session, and throw that in the refrigerator, and then wash them once at the end of the day. The parts don't need to be completely washed between every session (though if I had a sink around, I would usually at least rinse, and then throw in the bag/refrigerator). Because, if you think about it, breast milk has natural antibacterial properties, and is fine in the refrigerator anyway. It's just one more thing that helped keep me sane throughout my time with pumping.

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