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March 27th, 2013, 04:16 PM
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No after thinking about it, with my job and 6 day work weeks....I am not pumping.

Thanks ladies. I feel a bit better now. Man with Emma it was so much easier.
She ate every 3 hours no issues. She cried all the time but that was due to her reflux/colic. Madalyn is a good baby. She just want sssooo much food. It's sort of scary.

She will cry after 3 oz of formula, wanting more. And I try so hard to make her wait 3 hours in between, but she won't if she isn't sleeping. So dang...let's see...

Todays formula she'd received:

12 am feeding: 4 oz
3 am feeding: 4 oz
5 am feeding: 3 oz
830 am feeding: 4 oz
1130 am feeding: 4 oz
she's beeing sleeping since 12. She freaked out wanting more at 1 pm but I didn't give her any.

Just seems like alot for a 2 week old to handle.....

Thank you Vicki.... for my beautiful siggie!!!
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