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March 27th, 2013, 05:24 PM
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We are getting ready to order our curriculum for next year during AOP's April sale and while Rainbow Resource Center is still doing free shipping over $50 for the rest. We are looking forward to getting next years curriculum!

On a side note- Allison is reading! She has been working on sight words since August and not really getting it. She has really improved in knowing what sounds letters make and hearing beginning and ending sounds (she is a pro in the last couple of weeks).

Yesterday, we were watching Super Why and they got to the part of the show where they have to change the story by changing a word. I don't think she is paying attention most of the time but she hears the sentence and sees the 3 words. She tells me they need to change it to "in" not "under or through" (those were the 3 words on the screen and Whyatt hadn't read them yet! I was amazed!

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