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March 27th, 2013, 06:48 PM
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Allison is reading! We had been doing sight words since August and she had no interest in them. She would say whatever word came into her head, usually not even close to the word on the flash cards. She has been doing great with her phonics lessons, even doing blends, word families, and silent e words (but not understanding they made words, just segmented sounds). I wasn't stressing out because I know she's only 3 and has plenty of time for this.

Yesterday, she was watching Super Why and it got to the end where they change the story by changing a word. The show reads the sentence and leaves a pause for beginning readers before reading the words to choose from. Allison said they need "in", not "under or through" without prompting! I was so happy! I grabbed an easy reader book off her shelf and she was able to read most of it to me (names and places non-withstanding). I am pretty surprised.

I started reading early (around 3.5) but Allison is only 3 years 1 month! Pretty incredible to me!

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