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March 27th, 2013, 07:47 PM
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So today was my first "late" day (no period), FF had my AF here tomorrow but that would be a little long. My temps are not showing AF is on her way either, my temps usually go way down about 2-3 days before she shows. I don't even have cramp of anything else saying af is coming. I checked my cervix yesterday and saw some blood and thought I was getting AF but nothing. My chart is below if you wanna look at it.

At first I thought I O on CD 15 then had that HUGE drop and lasted for a few days and then my temps went up on CD 25 and have kinda stayed up. So I"m wondering if that's when I O? Or maybe I didn't O at all, but then why would my AF be late?

I didn't do OPK's this month, now I wish I would have, but the latest I have ever O is CD 19.

I did take a HPT and it's a BFN but if I did O on CD 25 I would only be DPO 6.

I don't know?!?!? I need help!!!

My Ovulation Chart
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