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March 27th, 2013, 08:07 PM
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Now that I'm done with my statistics post, I just want to point out that I have not made any personal attacks on anyone, and I have been the subject of quite a few. I was told that my opinions were based on outdated information and that I was uneducated, that I have been distributing misinformation, and even making deliberately misleading comments. Several people have taken offense at what they thought I implied, not what I actually said. I've made every effort to keep my comments matter of fact, and the vitriole that has been sent my direction is completely out of proportion.
For example, I have been accused of saying that "all CPMs are uneducated nitwits", which I have not said. I have said that some of them have only a high school education. You know what? A baker might only have a high school education, but that doesn't mean that baker knows nothing about bread or is an uneducated nitwit. A carpenter might only have a high school education, but still know a lot about how to build a house. However, if I had a choice between a carpenter with only a high school education and one with an advanced degree, and I learned that the houses built by carpenters with only a high school education were somewhere between 2 and 8 times as likely to collapse, I think I would go with the carpenter with an advanced degree. I wouldn't turn around and attack the person who disagreed with my established belief that carpentry is safe no matter what kind of training the carpenter has or where he builds the house.