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March 27th, 2013, 08:14 PM
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I posted this on another board, but will post it here as well.

My husband and I *finally* took the first steps toward tithing recently, although the Lord has been speaking to me about it for a year, he did recently point out a way to make it simpler for us. We just opened another checking out specifically for tithing and DH and I are both having 10% of our income automatically routed to the tithing account. We will be unable to withdrawal from this account with debit cards, and my bank is well out of the way for me, so I am hoping that will eliminate the temptation to use the account for other means. I will be keeping the check book at home, and writing out the checks weekly.
** Adding**
Before this we have always opened our home to others in need. We have had someone living in our home rent free since April, we have paid for 90% of his meals. I believed at one point that was my tithes, since it was going to something good. Now the Lord has been convicting me for some time that this wasn't right, and the above is the result.

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