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March 27th, 2013, 08:16 PM
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Ok, so this is not my first cerclage, but this is my first bed rest where my paycheck was actually needed in the household...

I went in with the well awareness that if I still was short a cerclage was going to be out in. So sure enough he wand goes in, and BAM 2.4 with a slight funnel, soooooooo I went to the coldest room in the hospital and waited for 2 hours and got my pinch...

So much of this preventive care makes my pregnancy feel so well, I don't have a word... inept comes to mind. I always just wanted a drug free natural vaginal delivery, but I do want a healthy baby. The nicy thing was not it for me and I will feel horrible if I have to watch another baby between thick glass walls.

So I asked my peri if I can go back to work or at least have papers saying that I can before the end of the year or I will not be paid through the end of year... I will see tomorrow when I go pick them up if my prayers were answered..

On a brighter note, i have been preparing for baby, one sale at a time :-)

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