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March 27th, 2013, 08:23 PM
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35 Weeks 3 Days

Only month from tomorrow until my EDD! I am getting soooo

Not much change with baby. He's still kicking and moving around. He's also been kicking my ribs which have been hurting. My acid reflux has really gotten worse, I am not waking in the middle of night due to it!

I had a doctor's appt last Friday and they are now wanting to keep an eye out for Pre-C. My feet are extremely swollen and I have been downing water all day long but doesn't seem to make a difference. My blood pressure was 126/80 which is the highest it's ever been but it's not alarmingly high. I hope there was just some sort of trigger causing it to go up. There were no sugars or proteins in my urine so that's a good thing. The doctor listed of a list of symptoms to watch for and said to call immediatley if I have any. I really hope my swollen feet is just due to being pregnant and nothing more! Other than that, my belly is measuring right on so the doctor isn't concerned on size anymore or at this point but we are still expecting him to be on the larger size.

I do have to say I CANNOT believe how tired I get! After doing dishes or vacumming or even just walking around I need to sit down lol. My back starts to hurt horribly and I just do not have energy! Not that I am complaining . It's totally worth it.

On another note...I have been having crazy labor dreams. Pretty much result in either I don't remember the labor or the baby just pops right out

My MIL started work on Monday; she is working second shift so the last two nights I was just enjoying DH and me time since we don't have much of that time left. My MIL also found an apartment. She was told it won't be ready April 15th but possible for it to be ready as April 8th. I am very surprised to she found a place so quickly. She is excited! I am so happy that its just going to be DH and me and maybe my MIL for a short time depending on when baby comes. I do like my MIL and do not have any issues with her but am glad that it can be just Nate and me to figure this out but she won't be far away to visit baby whenever.

I also have a list of baby names put together but my top two choices are Ashton and Camden. DH and I will not make a final decision until after he is born. It's going to be a hard decision too! I didn't want to go with anything to popular but don't want to do anything traditional because I swear I know at least someone with every traditional name but its hard to avoid both!

Anyways it's past my bed time and I am tired!

Have a great night!

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