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March 27th, 2013, 08:26 PM
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Good job!

Let's see...

Daniel was pretty well-behaved today. (That's a brag, right?? LOL) That's a change, because he's almost always a little stinker! He is an extremely high-energy kid who just LOVES to push my buttons, so today was a good day. He's also getting pretty good with math facts, even though we're not working on those. He has a knack for math the way Ben always did with language. I'm kinda getting excited to start school with him again in July. We're not working on anything right now. He just reads during school time (he can read anything, so it's something he can do that I don't have to help or supervise to keep him out of trouble... LOL!).

Ben has come a very long way on writing! I'm so proud, because he has worked very, very hard with his therapist on this for several months. He's getting toward the end of physical therapy (never thought I'd see the day!), but he still has at least a couple of years of occupational therapy left. His work ethic and maturity (partly due to Asperger's) have always amazed me, but lately, it seems he doing even more.
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