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March 27th, 2013, 08:29 PM
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Most of the points you are trying to make, though, are based on your own speculations. None of it has been based on fact.

You did intentionally make a misleading statement about what CPM's need, education wise. You stated that all that was required was a HS diploma, when that was untrue and it was disputed in other posts based on the website that you linked.

You also totally ignored the entire bottom half of Brie's post which is pretty convenient, considering it almost completely disputed any of the points you had made thus far.

Now, you are grasping at straws trying to convince all of us that these statistics that you gathered from the CDC prove your point when the reality is, is that you are spinning it based on your own assumptions of how or why these situations occurred and, as you already stated, the website doesn't have information on stillbirths or babies born with hypoxic brain injuries. I could speculate that many of the deaths that occurred with other midwives was due to stillbirth or babies born with hypoxic brain injuries and then that blows your entire theory out of the water, since my speculation is just as justified as your own. Not to mention that you, yourself, stated that you don't even KNOW what other midwife actually means.

ETA: Keep in mind that I am saying this from an unbiased perspective. The only personal research I have done thus far is find out what midwives practice in my area, so this is an outside perspective from somebody just reading along. I can see why people are getting frustrated "debating" with you because you are either a.) ignoring their data or b.) spinning things to fit your own opinion, rather than posting unbiased sources that prove your point.
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