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March 27th, 2013, 10:07 PM
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My RE called me today, and she said that she thinks that I am right and that it may be time to consider something else to help me get pregnant. She said there are a few options:

1. Injectables w/ IUI
2. Injectables with timed intercourse
3. IVF

I'm going for option No. 2 - injectables with timed intercourse. She said that some people like to jump right to IVF, but she also said she knew that probably was not what I wanted to do and said injectables either with or without IUI would be my best bet. She said the success rate with IUI is not much better than timed intercourse.

She did not say which meds I will use yet. She called late in the afternoon and said she was going to have her nurse take a look at my file and my insurance and see what or if they cover, and then determine what I should go with and she'd get back to me tomorrow. She said for the meds it will be about $400-$500 per cycle, which actually sounded kinda low to me from everything I've read...but maybe she is leaning towards the ones that are derived from the urine of post-menopausal women, which I believe are cheaper than the newer synthetic drugs. Does that pricing sound right? She also said if I wanted to do IUI, that's about $400. The RE was not sure if my insurance covered ultrasounds and blood work, but I think there's a good chance they will. From my interpretation of reading the policy, they just won't cover IUI, IVF, etc. or any meds but diagnostic stuff is covered. So, anyways, the nurse should hopefully call me back tomorrow with info.

RE asked where I was at in my cycle.... I told her... so she said I can still do it this upcoming cycle if I want, but we need to start things on either CD3 or CD5. If AF comes tomorrow, CD3 will be Saturday. For purposes of convenience and scheduling all this crap, it'd probably be better if AF held off til Saturday. Is there any advantage to starting at CD 3 as opposed to CD 5??

Oh, and thankfully this will come with plenty of monitoring...unlike my clomid and femara cycles. She said I'll have to come in every few days for ultrasounds and blood work to make sure its working.

She did say there's a much higher chance of twins, and a higher chance of triplets or more. I already was aware of that.

Soooooo....if all goes well, I should be starting with injectables by Monday. I am excited! She said this may have a better chance of working for me since it works in a different way than oral meds.

I have some questions for those of you who've done injectables before -----

- what did you use?
- What did it cost?
- what dosage did you use?
- did it work?
- did you have any side effects? and if so, were they as bad as clomid (or femara)?
- were yours subcutaneous or intramuscular?
- what did your insurance cover?
- anything else I should know or ask about??

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