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March 27th, 2013, 10:45 PM
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both of our kids have been natural hospital births....i saw the same midwife both pregnancies, but at 38w with Hunter (younger child) our midwife was fired, because she was opening a free standing birth center and she was overheard telling her current patients about it, so the hospital accused her of stealing business and fired her. SHe went into practice with a great family dr. with ab OB speciality when i was 40 weeks and she had to get her delivery privliges reinstated...which she did, they kicked in may 4th, Hunter was born May the family dr is the one listed on the birth certificate, even though my husband caught the baby and the dr wasnt even there yet (walked in at 0638, was nursing him at 0652)....always assumed i would see the same midwife at the free standing birth center for subsequent kids...but the birth center is SO busy....(She budget 20 births in the first year, she was at 100 births at 10 months) that im worried i won't get a birth suite (she only has 2 right now)....

so then we were like, well what the heck we'll just homebirth...well we live in rural iowa and we have crazy weather. im a little worried that if something were to go .. not as planned, we wouldn't be able to get to the hosp. fast enough (its over an hour away, there's one about 15 minutes away,but i wouldnt take my dog there) ....

so we could have another hospital birth, but i really dont want that..the hospital is great, allows water birth, does the majority of natural births for this area, the dr. is great....he would be our provider should we decide to have an unassisted home birth (pretty tough to find a midwife that will come to our area) and he's totally cool with unassisted home births....

biased aside, what seems to be the best option? crazy question i not in a super hurry to decide because i rarely even go to the appts until the 2nd trimester, but it's something i'm definitely thinking about.

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