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March 28th, 2013, 01:14 AM
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Ephesians 4:29
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I also know almost nothing about Pinterest.

Unit Studies are a style of schooling. For example, you could spend a week or month studying ancient Egypt. From that study, you'd (obviously) have history & geography, but you can also pull in math, literature, art, culture, and so on. So... math could be the identification of shapes (square + triangles = pyramid) or kitchen calculations while you cook foods from Egypt or formed into the shape of Egypt. It could be estimating how many squares of toilet paper are needed to wrap someone like a mummy. You could practice handwriting by writing your name or other words in hieroglyphs (lots of fine motor control). Read stories about the time and people, read about their gods and customs, etc. You could "mummify" a worm with salt for science. If you teach Bible, you can study lying (Abraham), providence (Joseph), faith (Moses), and hope (Jesus), because all were in Egypt at some point in their lives.

Getting your kids interested in learning is like getting them interested in air or food. Kids love to learn. Just follow their interests and see where it leads you.

This should help you get started in Canada. I'm not as familiar with the laws there as I am in the U.S.

Oh... and the verse is a constant reminder to myself to think before I post. If others want to follow it, that's great, too!

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