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March 28th, 2013, 06:05 AM
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Are you happy with where you live (house and neighborhood wise) or would you rather move?


I hate our house and neighborhood. There are so many reasons why but the main ones are:

a) the school for our neighborhood is awful. I hate sending our kids there and I have to complain so often that the vice principal and I are on a first name basis! :\ I tried to have the kids moved out of district to a school further away (I would just drive them) but we got denied.

b) this area has this awful horrible disgusting "water bugs" (German cockroaches), they are HUGE and *gag* (don't google them.) - Yeah. I hate them. Unlike the other kind, they don't come from things being dirty - they come from wood and water and this area is just prone to them. I have a serious PHOBIA of these, if I see one I will seriously have a panic attack and cry. I am so scared of them that I can't even kill them.

c) we really dislike our neighbors. Long story short: the people to our immediate right are my husband's ex-wife's boyfriend's parents! AWKWARD. Nothing like going outside and seeing your ex! lol It's less weird for me, but still weird and we feel like we're always being watched.

d) not enough room for 5 people! (soon to be 6!)

Okay that's just a summed up version lol
Needless to say, our house is going up for sale in a week! I am just praying that it sells quick but I doubt it.

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