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March 28th, 2013, 06:44 AM
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I had my detailed ultrasound two weeks ago and they said everything looked good. I had been worrying a lot so seeing the baby made me feel a lot better. And I closed me eyes at all the right times and didn't see anything I wasn't supposed to! Sounds like a lot of fun to tell your kids. My son was a little mad when he realized that we could have found out if it was a girl or boy and didn't. If I had more older kids they might have convinced me to find out!

Weight gain is a big issue for me! Last time I gained 60 pounds and this time I am starting out 20-25 pounds heavier. Ugghh. My midwife said 10 pounds by twenty weeks would be good so I really focused on that. At first I didn't feel good so it was easy, then I got hungry again and didn't gain much, and then BAM started gaining. I am 20 weeks today and up 11 pounds. I feel ok with that, but I can just see the weight gain is really increasing and I am not eating that much at all! WTH? Probably just destined to gain a crapload again. I am planning on joining weight watchers after I have the baby. I did lose all the weight twice after my last one, but obviously am not good at keeping it off. Oh and I am trying to exercise this time as well. Do your try to get in any exercise?

When are you revealing the gender? What else are you doing to get ready? Do you still have lots of clothes left from your older kids?
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