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March 28th, 2013, 08:25 AM
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I've done lots of IUI cycles with injectables. I used a follistim injection, which is subcutaneous (small needle, into the belly, not much pain at all). I didn't have any side effects from it at all (I never did clomid or anything, so I have nothing to compare it to). I used doses ranging from 75 IU to 100 IU, and produced between 1-3 follicles on those dosages.

As for pricing, my insurance didn't cover any injectable medications. There are a lot of specialty pharmacies that will provide certain discounts when you're paying out of pocket, so I basically called 5 or 6 different pharmacies (in MN, where I live, as well as all around the country) to get price quotes. The pharmacy I ended up going with was local, and charged just under $300 per 300IU cartridge. So the overall price depends on how many days you need to stim... I usually went through 2-3 cartridges, so anywhere between $300-$900 for the injectable meds. I also had to use an ovidrel injection to trigger ovulation, and that cost about $150 by itself. So I'd say around $1000 for meds, if you're paying out of pocket, is reasonable.

As for whether it worked, well, I did the same procedure with both my kids, who are now 5 and 2. I'm also 11 wks pg now. But I have had several cycles that didn't work, too, as well as a few miscarriages.

Good luck!

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