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March 28th, 2013, 08:33 AM
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So I technically did 2 rounds of injectables even though we were successful on the first round, but giving you info on both

- what did you use? 1st cycle (successful one) Follistim, 2nd round Menopur.We did timed intercourse with the Follistim and then IUI with Menopur.

- What did it cost? I was super lucky that my med plan completely covered cost beyond co-pay, so I think each cycle was about $80 (and that might have included the Ovidrel shot too).

- what dosage did you use? I think Follistim was 75 (but I forget), Menopur was 150 dosage I think

- did it work? Follistim did work, first cycle

- did you have any side effects? and if so, were they as bad as clomid (or femara)? I never had much in the way of side effects with Clomid or Femara (beyond the uterine lining thinning issue with Clomid). I did find myself a bit dizzy & nauseous with the Follistim, and more so with the Menopur but then I was pregnant when I took the Menopur so who knows.

- were yours subcutaneous or intramuscular? subcutaneous. Follistim has a nifty preloaded pen, super easy to use. Menopur required me to learn how to mix the meds (there's the actual med in a vial & then liquid in another you have to blend together, then draw your own shot).

- what did your insurance cover? Virtually everything, but I have an exceptional prescription plan (apparently) so I paid only an $80 co-pay. I believe the over the counter cost on both Follistim & Menopur for the # of days prescribed (I think I took Follistim maybe for 6 days?, Menopur I took for 10) was around $1200/each.

Good luck to you - I had a great result on Follistim, but hopefully no matter what your Dr prescribes you'll get lucky too!!

ETA: I missed your who is injecting you question - I do all my own injections, husband's big wimp when it comes to needles and injecting me LOL

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