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March 28th, 2013, 08:54 AM
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Originally Posted by AIK112018 View Post
I read the first page - skipped to reply. I have a migraine and can't spend too much time online these days because it makes it worse...

I am not here to argue. I will say I had a terrible birth experience with my last pregnancy (in hospital) and my doctor has traumatized me. I am doing everything in my power to find a way to have a home birth.

Have any of you ladies ever watched "the business of being born" and "more business of being born"? It is truly an eye opener. I will say this movie did not influence my choice of having a home birth, I had already decided before I watched the movie. Just thought it was something you ladies would be interested in watching. Especially if you live in the US.
I can't seem to find More Business of Being Born up on any sites yet but The Business of Being Born is amazing. It didn't really change my opinion but certainly reaffirmed my thoughts on the way birth works in this country.