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March 28th, 2013, 09:04 AM
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My DH is more reserved in everything. He gets a look on his face when I talk about all the temping and charting and such. We talked about things a few weeks agao, cuz I was not feeling supported in our decision. We spooned and talked about it. The way we work out any of our "issues" is spooning and talking. Makes me feel safe to talk and loved that way. Anyway, he says he's excited for the next step but nervous at the same time.

He is the more logical, less emotional partner. His parents came over from Thailand for college and then became citizens of the US, so DH was born here, but was raised in a house that still carried some of the Thai traditions. His parents are very reserved. So the real sign of support came when he decided he wanted to tell his parents we are going to start TTC in May.

And every time I have to take an injection and I question my ability to do this, he reminds me I can do anything if I just keep picturing our family. He promises to wipe out my sickly genes with his "super asian sperm".

He may not always wear his heart on his sleeve, but he is still a great DH.

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