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March 28th, 2013, 09:46 AM
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We had no problems conceiving dd2, we conceived on the first month of trying. I didn't really notice a drop in my milk supply but I hated nursing while pregnant at one point. I wanted to nurse but the sensation of dd1 nursing, she was over a year old, drove me insane. It was really the hormones. Some days were better than others. I reduced how much I breastfed her too because once I got pregnant all she wanted to do was nurse and would replace meals. The first trimester I was exhausted but honestly it was more from chasing after a toddler than breastfeeding. I did start bleeding after getting dehydrated during a heat wave but even so the er doctor told Me to just hydrate take it easy and I could keep breastfeeding.
One of my ob s was not so pro breastfeeding and told me that I needed to wean by 24-28 weeks. Then at 37 weeks she told me I really needed to wean so my body would reset for my newborn. That also didn't happen. The colostrum came in, poor dd1 had really really loose stools though. I think it lasted for a couple of weeks. Dd2 has gained weight just fine and I'm pretty sure my body is making what she needs.
There were times that were challenging but I would do it all over again. Dd1 will ask to breastfeed when her sister eats but I just remind her she breasdtfeeds at night. It gets a little difficult when they both want/need to be fed at night but I put them both on the recliner with me and they breastfeed.
I won't lie, it's still challenging but dd1 needs the comfort to cope with all the changes that come with a new sibling.
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